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October 28th, 2008 @9:24 pm  

the thing that is helping me most is eating high volume foods like grapes instead of raisins, ect. I have learned that for me, it is important that I feel full so that I don’t spend time focusing on what I am missing out on… thus, less mindless eating or snacking takes place!

Normal to Natalie’s last blog post..Tell All Tuesday - Week 29

October 29th, 2008 @1:52 am  

Again - you have given us great advice! So, I’ve gotta know… with all of your dedication to having a flat stomach, do you have a killer 6 pack or what?? You should post a picture for Wordless Wednesday! ha ha!

Liz Rosenbaum’s last blog post..Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Jessica Said,
October 29th, 2008 @6:39 am  

Hi Liz, Yes I have being thinking I should put a photo up. I am a bit too bashful though. Ha my abs are not perfect which is in part the reason why I started the blog. I was doing so much research and wanted to improve myself I figured I may as well share what I was learning as well. Haha maybe I will get up the courage soon ;)

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